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2632 Tree Crown Schertz TX 78154

Coach-Led Transformation Programs Designed For Rapid Results in Schertz

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Biggest Hurdles:

We hear you! At Freedom Body Fitness, best gym in Schertz, we've seen many people struggle because they focus on just one thing, like diet or exercise. But lasting results require more!We offer what others lack: motivation and accountability. We'll help you overcome hurdles so you can finally reach your goals.

1st things to improve to do the gym in Schertz is ACCOUNTABILITY


How we can help: Professional caring coaches, daily access to a coach, and a daily to-do list.", weekly progress check-ins to track progress


2nd things to improve to do the gym in Schertz is LIFESTYLE CHANGE

Lifestyle Change

We assist clients in developing sustainable habits through educational resources and personalized tools tailored to their unique lifestyle.

3rd things to improve to do the gym in Schertz is NUTRITION


How we can help: We’ll design a plan for you that’s both effective and enjoyable. No more fad diets or starving yourself. Looking for a gym in Schertz?

4th things to improve to do the gym in Schertz is FITNESS


Workouts are tailored to each person's goals and unique needs with proper modifications to build strength and muscle while reducing the risk of injury. 

About Freedom Body Fitness Schertz

Everything You’ll Need To Transform Your Lifestyle

Our transformation program is designed for everyone!  We tailor it to each individual member living in Schertz. You'll be paired with an expert coach who perfectly matches your style and needs. No matter your age, injury history, goals, fitness level, or experience, you're welcome at Freedom Body Fitness Gym!

Our Private Coaching at Freedom Body Fitness in Schertz

Private Coaching

Your own personal coach whom you have daily access to and will be keeping a close eye on your progress. They will be there to guide, cheer, and support you through your journey.

Our Semi-Private/Small Group Workouts at Freedom Body Fitness in Schertz

Semi-Private/Small Group Workouts

Develop strength, burn calories, and increase energy and confidence with a diverse range of exercises including strength training, cardiovascular training, core/abs, stability, and stretching.

Our Nutrition Plans at Freedom Body Fitness in Schertz

Nutrition Plans

Learn about proper nutrition based on the foods you enjoy and discover how to maintain a balanced diet and manage your calorie intake at top-rated gym in Schertz.

Our Goal Setting and Tracking at Freedom Body Fitness in Schertz

Goal Setting and Tracking

Weekly progress tracking and goal setting at the best gym in Schertz will help us measure progress and keep you accountable. You will weigh in weekly and set goals to maintain momentum toward your long-term goal.

Our Educational Tools and Resources at Freedom Body Fitness in Schertz

Educational Tools and Resources

The program's objective is to promote lifestyle changes. To support you on your journey, we suggest a variety of resources such as videos, trainings, books, audio recordings, podcasts etc…

Our Freedom Body Fitness App at Freedom Body Fitness in Schertz

Freedom Body Fitness App 

All your health and fitness essentials in one place, including a daily to-do list, nutrition plan, workout plans, measuring tools, and one-on-one messaging with coaches so you never feel alone. Find a gym near Schertz for convenient access to your fitness journey.

What Our Client Says:

"I was a little apprehensive about working with a male Personal Coach. After meeting with Chris, the Owner of Freedom Body Fitness, I was completely comfortable with his non-intidimidating approach. Before beginning the sessions we met to discuss and define my personal goals. He listened to me, understood my conerns and answered all my questions.Chris assessed where I was before I started the program and then tailored the training to meet my specific needs. He is constantly monitoring my progression and weaknesses and adjusting the program accordingly so I am able to meet my goals and prevent injury.He challenges me as I am progressing but recognizes when I'm not up to par.As a fitness consultant, there is a strong focus on nutrition and changing mindset in order to make healthy choices. This isn't your typical personal trainer. This program is so much more. This is a total transformation program, for me this is just what I needed.I'm on week 6 of the program. I'm down 18 lbs. And I'm feeling so much better both physically and mentally."

"Chris's program is excellent and just what I was looking for. Before beginning you meet a trainer and go over your goals identifying measurable goals and some of your intrinsic motivation.Once you begin the workouts are fun and challenging, offering you 2 stages to choose from based on your ability. Chris has been excellent with feedback as well. All my questions are answered even when not in class. Every week and every month there is a chance for 2 way feedback. This has been the key to success to make sure things like your diet matches your workout effort. After my first month, I stalled at weight loss, but was gaining some muscle. In this consult we discussed some tweaks I can try to my diet and that has brought back the weight loss.I travel a fair amount, every time I'm on the road, my trainer assisted with building workout plans I could use on the road and checking in to see what other challenges I was having with workouts and diet.This program is fantastic, a great value, worth my time and effort. I am so glad I chose this path toward better health and so glad I chose Freedom Body Fitness as the program to get me there."

"I can state, without hesitation that investing in Freedom Body Fitness for personal training, nutrition, and weight-loss is one of the best decisions I've made. In mid 2023, I realized that the weight that I'd gained upon retirement from the Military (May 2022), wasn't going to disappear on its own. After months of feeling depressed and disgusted at the weight gain, I began my search for a fitness trainer and stumbled upon Freedom Body Fitness on Facebook. After, thoroughly reviewing Chris' website and listening to seemingly knowledge regarding fitness and nutrition, I immediately realized that he possessed a passion for not only wanting to assist others with their Fitness goals, but also equipping them with with the necessary tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle upon completion of the program. Fast-forward to March 2024, I'm excited to share that I've achieved my 1st weight goal and on the road to achieving my second goal of 145lbs. Additionally, the knowledge that I've gained from Chris regarding nutrition has provided me a new-found level of confidence to maintain and sustain a healthy weight for my 5"3 body frame. Chris goes above and beyond to share insight and helpful tools to assist his clients in achieving their desired end state. Although the workouts can be a bit of a challenge initially, they are conducted in a relaxing and fun environment. Chris is right there providing a hands-on approach, guidance, and encouraging words throughout every session. From my standpoint, it means a great deal that Chris takes time to genuinely listen to any issues, concerns and/or questions, subsequently assisting individuals to better understand key pointers to overall improvement, whether it concerns nutrition or simply correct form while exercising. This is particularly important as it pertains to my form during workouts and assisting me with understanding particular areas of my body where I desired to become toned and stronger. Another area of importance that distinguishes Chris, particularly as it pertains to weight-loss, is his empathy in understanding his clients strengths and weaknesses. Such trait, empowers clients to identify their full capability, knowing that Chris' genuine concern stems from desiring ultimate and achievable results. Sometimes such guidance involves the ugly truth, and may not necessarily entails what the client wants to hear ir face at that moment. For example, giving up unhealthy nutritional habits (portion-control; proper nutrients; hydration, rest/sleep).The best advice that I personally can offer to individuals considering training with Chris (Freedom Body Fitness) is to simply listen to his advice and abide by the guidance provided. He possesses a wealth of knowledge and genuinely desires each client to depart with a success story. I am definitely pleased and excited about my fitness transformation that I embarked upon 4 months ago, with one week remaining. This has not only been a journey, hence a lifestyle.💪🏾 What are you waiting for? Sign up now with Freedom Body Fitness, you won't regret it!"

Step 1 to enroll in Freedom Body Fitness in Schertz

Schedule the perfect day and time to come into the gym. You’ll meet with our program director for a 1 on 1 consultation. We make this super simple, don't sweat it

Step 2 to enroll in Freedom Body Fitness in Schertz

We’ll learn all about you, and you’ll learn about our us. We’ll discuss the Transformation Program that makes the most sense based on your goals.

Step 3 to enroll in Freedom Body Fitness in Schertz

Once we’ve put together the perfect Transformation Program for YOU, we’ll introduce you to your Transformation Expert Coach who will be with you every step of the way. Together, you’ll get started.

Client experience:

Workout photo of Ken at Freedom Body Fitness in Schertz

I recently completed a 12-week program with Freedom Body Fitness. My goal was to prepare for a Mt Kilimanjaro hike. Chris listened and provided me with a diet and workout plan that would change my life. I increased my cardio with his workouts of high tempo and really working me to exhaustion but I loved every minute of his workouts as the results speaks for itself. Loss of body fat and increased cardio fitness levels. Overall, my expectations were clearly exceeded and I truly appreciate Chris giving me the knowledge to an even healthier lifestyle!

Workout photo of Angela at Freedom Body Fitness in Schertz

I can not say enough about Chris and the program he runs! He is so knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. He has helped me transform not only my physical health but my nutritional health and mental health as well. You really get the total package here at the best gym in Schertz. I would highly recommend Chris and his services to everyone!

Workout photo of Dee Dee at Freedom Body Fitness in Schertz

Freedom Body Fitness has given me a new trajectory of my life! After 8 weeks of workouts at the best gym near Schertz with Chris, who is so knowledgeable, conscientious, motivational and tenacious I’m more than pleased with my progress! With his easy-going manner, but serious about fitness and health, he’s helped me achieve balance, strength I didn’t have before and weight loss, which is amazing! Energy level and stamina are bonuses! Hard work, with the best music ever, I always look forward to my next workout, knowing he’ll “push” me just a little harder to accomplish my goals!!!


How we can help: Around the clock communication with industry leading trainers. Daily tasks & weekly body scans to track progress.


How we can help: We guide clients towards a realistic balance for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.


How we can help: Learn how to eat delicious foods while saving time, money, and getting results.

Hi! We're A Local Gym In Schertz, TX

Established in 2022, it’s our mission to help people in Schertz, TX and surrounding areas get fit, stay healthy, and live life on their terms without fitness being an obstacle at Freedom Body Fitness Gym!

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How Much Are The Memberships?

Memberships at Freedom Body Fitness vary depending on the individual.  Our transformation programs can include semi private/small group training, individual training, nutrition plans, online programs, and more!  We will review the price once we design the perfect program based on your goals and timeframe.

Do I Have To Have Experience To Workout At Freedom Body Fitness?

Not at all.  Our gym is designed for beginners to advanced, and we’ll design a workout program that meets you where your at and are with you every step of the journey!

Do I Have To Commit To A Long-Term Membership?

Absolutely not!  The length of your membership at our premier gym in Schertz is based on your goals and where you’re at now.  12 and 24 month memberships are NOT client-centric and our gym is all about our clients and their success!

I Want To Get Into Amazing Shape, But I’m Scared To Get Started.  Help!

 We got you.  We understand getting started is the hardest part. This is not CrossFit or extreme exercise.  We’ll take it one step at a time.  Step 1, come in for a “no sweat intro” and have a chat with us.  No working out, no sales pitch, we’re just going to talk about your goals, that’s it.  If you’re excited about what we talk about, we’ll move on to Step 2.  No pressure, we’re coaches, and we’re here to help.

Ready To Get Started?

Discover How You Can Transform Your Body And Life With The Help Of A Transformation Expert Who Will Be With You Every Step Of Your Journey!

We KNOW You Have It In You! Will You Be Our Next Success Story?

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